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in new york city's war on crime, the worst criminal offenders are pursued by the detectives of the major case squad. these are their stories. ( loud beep ) what's wrong? where are you going? that window of opportunity-- it's closing. yeah, i have to call in. someone's hacking my computer. hey, carlos... this hibrido won't give me my money! don't break it. let me see. it says your account got no money. i know what it says, ladron! i've been robbed! rick's shutting down the computers in five minutes.
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why? what's going on? all i know is those guys have badges. they want to check the main computer. woman: ...can't believe you'd do that! ( man on speaker ): watch your back, bitch, or next time i'll have your head on a stick. corinne, you all right? oh, mr. dalton... yes, i'm fine. you should've gone home hours ago. i'm sorry, i got caught up in something. i'll see you tomorrow. yes, $100,000. i'm not sure how it got into our account. yes. you don't have any information? the tickets were sent to me. but i didn't make the reservations. that's my brother. he made them? i will call you back. we have to talk. i don't care what they told you. i didn't do anything to their computers. i believe you, but it's not up to me. i need another job. temp work's a little slow right now. call me in a week or two.
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( sighs ) yeah, who is it? right time temps. i got a package here for a, uh, corinne kennedy? come on up. ( buzzing ) ( knocking ) just a minute. do i have to sign something? ( door opening ) ( gagging ) ( screams ) ( screaming )
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911 got the call at 11:25. no id. we're canvassing that building. we're thinking she's a jumper. what's this? looks like, uh, crumbs.
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there's not much discoloration. must've happened right before she died. she was pushed off by someone big enough to lift her off her feet. man: my doorman went off duty at 11:00. he said miss kennedy came home alone at 9:30. she have any friends in the building? not that we noticed. she was shy. nice, but shy. shame for such a pretty girl. all right. the officer will take your statement. goren: this has been partially chewed. she spewed out of her mouth when he grabbed her by the throat. soon as he opened the door, he was on her. he took her out there. well, no mistaking. he came to kill her.
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she was sitting at her desk before she went to the door. her laptop is missing. is it in there? bishop: only two things in here with batteries, none of them's a computer. it doesn't look like she had much of a social life. no makeup, wardrobe's just... sweats, baggy sweaters, and t-shirts. tries to play her looks down. her father's a civil war re-enactor. she likes action. kung fu movies from taiwan. "corinne kennedy, director of software analysis, ortech inc." now she's working at a temp agency. pay stub from last week. overdue bills... no wonder she's staying at home eating crackers. this is a credit card swiper. last year, drugstore clerks got caught using these to steal credit card information from customers.
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a high-tech low-life. wonder if her temp agency knew? man: the agency knows why we let her go. we found a spyware program on the computer that she shared with other workstations. we traced it to her. she planted it? she said it must've been a virus. oh. that sounds like a plausible reason. there was something else, wasn't there? i was going downstairs to the olympia diner, when i heard corinne arguing with a man on her speakerphone. what did they say? well, i only heard him. he said, "watch your back, bitch--" sorry-- "or i'll have your head on a stick." "your head on a stick." and then what? that's it. she seemed out of it, hyper. i had her computer logs checked. she was spending a lot of time on-line. and then we found the spyware. man: see, the spyware stores everything you type-- passwords, social security numbers-- until it's downloaded. this exact same program showed up five days ago
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at a copy store on the main computer that serves their computer rental stations. so someone was stealing data from the customers. yeah, passwords and home computer addresses. a bank employee woke up to find someone hacking into his home pc. you have any suspects at the copy store? seven employees and 42 customers. now, this spyware, is this something that corinne kennedy could've created? yeah, it's completely within her skill set. just excuse me one minute, okay? i don't see her name on here. if she created this spyware, the copy store hacker might be an accomplice. the kung fu dvds, one of the stores that sells those is on mott street. all right, now... this copy store clerk, raymond chan, he lives right around the corner. man: he's erasing the hard drives. what're you running here, raymond, a group home for computers? i found the spyware. that's not mine. somebody must've sent me a virus.
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word for word, that's what your little hacker friend corinne said. i don't know who you're talking about. he skimmed a lot of data. i'm finding hundreds of credit card numbers, pins, bank atms... atms? ( speaking cantonese ) if i... you just called him a thief? you must have some kind of proof. i went to the atm two days ago. it said my checking account empty. $800 gone. mom, i didn't do it. i don't steal from banks. that's... we need to know the name of your bank. man: it's not my machine. i just rent it. but all i get is people complaining. bishop: no wonder. according to the bank, 33 people who used your machine in the last three weeks had money stolen from their account. wait a minute, wait. this doesn't belong in here. you see, it's coming off the card reader?
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it's, uh, it's another circuit board. it's to skim atm and pin numbers. somebody tampered with this machine before installing it. "tek-cash services, yonkers." this $100,000-- it's a business loan from our cousin in albania. no. uh, you got the $100,000 with the help of a friendly neighborhood crooked atm machine. i don't know about any crooked friendly machines. you, well, uh, your brother alexi does. we found his fingerprints on this circuit board. you know what's interesting, serge? is that the spyware that you used to skim the atm codes is the same spyware that this hacker used to skim passwords. the same spyware that you all got from the same person-- corinne kennedy. i don't know him, i don't know her.
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so it's just a coincidence that she took a header off her balcony the same day that you bought two tickets to costa rica? what tickets? we found them on your brother's desk. no, this is impossible. i want to talk to my lawyer. alexi: yes, we bought tickets to costa rica, for a vacation. bishop: one-way tickets for a one-way vacation? yes, we fly down, we take a boat back. ( chuckles ) well, you handled that question much better than your brother did. so, uh, let's see how you handle this one. this is from your bank account. you deposited $100,000. now, that's the same amount that was stolen from the atm. we found it in your brother's office. my brother? it's impossible. well, there's that word again. impossible. this one knows about the tickets, but not the money. this one knows about the money, but not the tickets. these clowns can't keep their stories straight.
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they have the access codes to hundreds of bank accounts, nearly $2 million, and they only take $100,000. barely covers their overhead. now, $100,000 is just enough to catch our attention. just enough to, um, lead us to these two. they've been set up. so have we.
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all said the same thing-- they downloaded the spyware from a hacker web site, which has now disappeared into cyberspace. just to be on the safe side, you have alibis for these guys? the night corinne was killed, raymond knocked off work at 11:00. his mother has him home by 12:00. the brothers are each other's alibi. in other words, any of them could have done it.
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look. that's the point, see? we're being danced around the ballroom-- the spyware, the card swiper, the dvds-- it's smoke. that threat was not smoke. maybe her head wasn't impaled on a stick, but ms. kennedy is dead all the same. her boss said that she was hyper... that she was disoriented. you said maybe her head was impaled on a stick. she was spending all her time on the net... and the false leads... planted software... bishop: "head on a stick. "head on a stick. bloodmatch arena." "bloodmatch..." her call was about a computer game?
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yeah. she... she might have been playing someone on-line while she was talking to them. i can't see her getting killed over a computer game. but it might be how she met her killer. another player. i mean, to go on-line, you got to go through a server. has to be a big-enough computer to allow several games to be played at once. the log at her accounting firm, they might have a record of the one she called. man: our customers don't use their real names. they make up new identities. avatars... corinne was on-line two wednesdays ago, around 10:00 p.m. can you show us which avatars were playing? wednesday. that would be the 13th. at 10:00, we had 55 people playing bloodmatch. dragonbyte,
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nuclear72, taliesin... does each player have a profile? the customer chooses a skin for their avatar. can we see the skin for this one? uh... shilohamy? amy clarke. she disguised herself as a confederate soldier so she could fight alongside her husband during the battle of shiloh. corinne went to ol' miss, her father's a civil war buff... rautha: this is shilohamy's skin. yikes. this is how she saw herself? goren: can you show us if shilohamy was playing friday, the night of the 15th? that night she was playing till 11:25. when corinne was killed... for real. does the game record the computer address of each player? yes, but you'd need to hack the game code to get it. the guys who designed bloodmatch made sure it was hack-proof. jody told me we had cops visiting us. they're saying a gamer got killed by another gamer. this is jack cadogan. he designed the game with mr. colby.
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they want access to multiplayer network code. you didn't agree to this, did you? goren: look, man, i know you're afraid there's going to be a witch hunt-- that bloodmatch would get blamed for inciting violence. we wouldn't be the first ones. if it's not the full moon or twinkies, it's computer games. we got to take a stand here. this is ashcroft snooping around in libraries, and the fbi... a ferrari. you got a ferrari? a marinello. i just got it. i understand what you're saying. bloodmatch is just a game. it's cathartic. you get a chance to get out of your own skin. right. that's the best game the world's ever seen, but just a game. speaking of skin, you haven't lost a lot weight lately, have you? it's just some a little loose skin under your neck. how much did you lose, like, around a hundred pounds? 110.
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diet and exercise. jack has a lot to be proud of. i still need you to look at the new polygons. our lawyer'll get back to you. cadogan-- i heard that name in wales, but not here. i think when most families immigrated, they changed it to cardigan. i changed it back. i didn't like being confused with a sweater. excuse me. taliesin-- if i were him that'd be the name i'd pick. "taliesin--", "a hero of welsh mythology, a symbol of transformation and rebirth." also the name of an on-line player. then there's jack cardigan, a.k.a. jack cadogan. that's how he looked in his dmv photo two years ago. 110 pounds heavier. then his game became a hit. he transformed himself. a taliesin. maybe. i'm online with the game server. corinne fought taliesin in over 300 tournaments
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in the last four months. we can watch a replay of the game she played the night she was killed. the server keeps it in memory. there she is. here are her opponents. there's taliesin. he was online with her that night. so taliesin, cadogan, whatever his name is, has an alibi. next theory. don't stop it. look how slow he is. he's getting hit a lot. the server said he's supposed to be one of the best players. he wasn't on top of his game that night. we need an expert opinion. have you even looked at the new wall polygons? the shadow intensities are tracking with the light source now. i'll check it later. jack, you get too preoccupied. remember ginny? and now with these online gamers, they're unstable.
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we got to keep a distance between us and them. everything you need is here. out there is just un-engineered chaos. chaos is underrated, neil. computer voice: welcome to bloodmatch arena. five tournaments are in progress. join one now or recruit players for a new one. taliesin was getting creamed. he normally averages 96 frags per game. that night, he barely managed 23. ( explosion ) whoa, look at those gibs fly. what could account for his slow playing? could he have programmed some kind of automatic pilot for his avatar? sure, it's called a bot. you mean a robot. i mean a bot. it mimics a human player. gamers use them for practice. or to create alibis. while corinne thought she was playing taliesin online, he was ringing her doorbell. a computer geek
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